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The ultimate reference guide for Xero online accounting software
  • Set up from scratch or convert to Xero
    - manage the transition to Xero with ease
    • Work with Xero on the go anytime
      - check balances, upload receipts and invoice clients on your mobile devices
    • Manage your contacts
      - learn how to set up and adjust details for key customers, suppliers and employees
    • Reconcile your bank accounts 'automagically'
      - take advantage of Xero's automatic bank feeds and matching processes
    • Monitor your business and improve efficiency
      - use Xero's dashboards to refine business goals, track transactions and review management reports
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    Author of 6 business books
    including the
    Xero for Dummies range
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    Stop & start videos as you wish
    Get up to speed with Xero quickly
    Access 24-7
    Online Xero Training in
    the comfort of your own environment


    Xero set-up, migration, support & integration with Xero eco-system.


    Talks about improving business productivity via cloud technology.


    Insightful technical & corporate writing.

    Online Training

    Xero training on-demand, online or on-site.

    Check out my new book 'Xero for Dummies'

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    Introduction to Xero WorkShop

      Introduction to Xero Workshop Friday 20th June 2014 Time: Friday 9.00am – 4.00 pm Location: Caboolture Hub ̵



    • Adam Wallace is the founder of ContentFirst a Content Marketing Agency based in Brisbane that partner with your business to create a content marketing strategy designed build your business. His team achieve this by regularly publishing creative & interesting content designed to reach and engage your ideal customers. Content First I first met Adam in July 2009 when he moved to Brisbane and needed someone local to support his MYOB software. I’ve always been impressed with the cutting edge technology Adam implements in his own business and for his clients. As time went by, Adam moved from MYOB to Saasu another online accounting solution. As I had so much respect for Adam as a thought leader in the technology space this move both interested and perplexed me. It left me wondering if I was backing the right pony. I was quite relieved when Adam contacted me to migrate his business from Saasu across to Xero, and I was interested in understanding why he came to this decision.

      Adam says the driving force behind moving to Xero was the solutions ability to integrate with a wide range of applications

      At the time we evaluated online accounting solutions Xero didn’t support payroll so our options were limited. Once the Xero payroll feature was implemented the writing was on the wall. We run our business on cloud technology from phone systems through to file storage and beyond so it was essential we could use services like Zapier to connect our financials to other apps to future proof our processes and add further automation. On top of that the Xero eco system was also a big plus. These were the primary reasons for the switch however Xero still needed to deliver the goods in terms of matching Saasu's core functionality which it now does.

      Adam is exploring the evolving Xero eco-system.

       “One integration we are trialling right now is pushing new invoices into a shared Google Calendar so the team can see front and center when invoices are due for specific clients. Planned integrations are with Woo Commerce and Zoho CRM

      Adam goes on to share what he likes about Xero.

      Smart bank feed rules, file attachments, exporting reports to google docs, intuitive interface, mobile app , tracking key accounts on the dashboard and a whole lot more that I'm discovering every day as we get better at integrating our financials into our core processes to make smarter decisions.

      Adam checks his accounts daily and collaborates with his accountants via the cloud accounting system Xero.

       When asked if Xero accounting has made managing his business easier, Adam exuberantly responds

      Thinking back to the days of battling with MYOB and file imports, Xero is like an iPhone compared to an old Nokia. It did the job but once you've experienced the ease of use and integrated bank feeds Xero provides you'd never go back. So in a word YES!
      Adam Wallace — Content First
    • Heather is one of Australia’s leading experts in helping small business with their accounting, so we asked her to do a webinar for us. She was exceptional in her knowledge and conveyed in such a digestible manner. I highly recommend Heather as a webinar presenter and accounting guru.
      Justin Tamsett Key Note Speaker | Small Business Coach
    • Thank you for the training which we all found very good. You certainly gave us a few “aha!” moments and the staff have told me they found it extremely good.
      Michelle Lark CA, Accountant, ACSEA
    • Thank-you for your help today, I am always amazed, at how quickly you can solve all my problems. Thanks again for all your help,with our little business.
      Jane Osbourne Newsovernight
    • Heather went out of her way to help me to learn to use MYOB, out of hours as I was unable to make it to the formal training sessions. She assisted me to buy and install the package and to learn to use it on my own computer. I am incredibly grateful for her time and patience!
      Celia Grenning~Senior Manager, GRM International and Executive Secretary, KYEEMA Foundation
    • Heather’s expert advice has helped us to make significant improvements in our accounting, as well as saving us tens of thousands of dollars. I highly recommend her service.
      Richard Pope~Managing Director Systems Reality
    • Thanks so much for your help, with the MYOB multi-currency issue. I Am happy with reports now; it all makes sense. You made the whole process very easy to resolve. I will keep your phone number handy.
      Vanessa McKay, bookkeeper
    • Heather, Writing to say thank you again for the fantastic job you’ve done. I appreciate your help much more than I can say. It was such a great pleasure to work with you. I’ll be happy to do it once again.
      Tanya Gegina, Joda Technical Solutions Pty Ltd
    • Hi Heather,You’ve done a fantastic job. Thanks so much.
      Alison Gent, Carman’s Fine Foods Pty Ltd
    • Heather, I really learned a lot from you yesterday, your style of teaching is excellent and I feel much more confident with MYOB. I raved on about you all day, it’s like it all came together for me after months of struggling with MYOB. I was about to put it on eBay!
      Carol, Conquest Projects
    • Thanks for your past help – my MYOB has really made a difference in the operation of accounts and sales reports for my business. You certainly know your stuff !! Many thanks Heather!
      Libby Versace, Owner ecococoon
    • Thanks for the session today Heather. All problems and issues resolved. You provide me fantastic support!
      Jeff Jones, Director, JJ Project Consulting Pty Ltd
    • Heather provides MYOB services to a mutual client and was brought in by that client to advise me whilst setting up automated transfer of information out of their enterprise level FileMaker database and into MYOB. Heather was very helpful, full of great advice and additional unsolicited help. She was easy to understand and made the process not only productive but very enjoyable. Thanks Heather
      Linda Trent, Owner, Maximums Productivity Pty. Ltd
    • Heather displays drive & passion , that is so sorely missed. Her expertise in business/accounting is refreshing,helpful & will save you time & money
      Patrick Hamilton, Grand Poobah~Patrick Hamilton Photography Pty Ltd
    • The support Heather has generously given the community at Flying Solo is nothing short of astonishing. She writes engaging articles brimming with tips; has presented a great session at our national conference and is regularly diving into our forums with helpful commentary and advice. The world of small business needs more people like Heather.
      Robert Gerrish, Founder & Director, Flying Solo
    • Heather was able to provide me with a wealth of information for a new situation I had recently encountered. Following my consultation with Heather, I was able to find better ways to deal with a tricky client and the issues associated with their business. Thanks so much Heather – your assistance was wonderful!
      Niomi Schubel, Registered BAS Agent