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XERO Training | Xero Set-Up | Xero Migration | Xero Support
Xero Consulting
Rod Drury CEO & Founder of Xero & me
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Xero Training

Xero Set-Up Migration Training Support

Heather Smith Xero Consultant

I can help you with your Xero solution; providing Set-Up, Migration, Training, Support, and Franchise solutions. I work with Xero users, bookkeepers, advisors, franchisers, business coaches, accountants and business owners across many industries supporting their businesses implement Xero cloud based business management solution; and integrating with the Xero ecosystem where possible.

I’m insightful, fast and highly skilled at explaining how to use Xero. Working together I can get you up and running on Xero quickly. I’m a degree qualified Chartered Certified accountant.

Beyond the initial implementation I help small businesses work through problems and understand their numbers. It may simply be an extra opinion, or regular ongoing support understanding the trickier aspects of your business. As a Xero Advisor I’m keen to help businesses implement Xero based solutions, I’ve worked with many businesses, from micro to small businesses through to small government departments, not for profits and those who are very profitable, in Brisbane and beyond. This has provided me with insights into what works and what doesn’t work in a business.

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Coffee and a Chat

Xero Training 002Through my writing, I extensively share my methodologies, business strategies and work life balance practices. If however you’d like to take it further you are invited to purchase a block of time with me to have a chat with me about anything related to your small business.

This gives you the opportunity to talk to an independent experienced resource about anything you need to. Maybe you want to;

  • Discuss the strategic direction of your business
  • Brain storm small business issues
  • Ask specific questions about your numbers
  • Discuss software options for your business including Xero and the Xero eco-system
  • A coffee, a chat, a catch-up over SKYPEOnline Xero Training with Heather Smith expert

Once you purchase ‘A Chat’ chat I’ll arrange a suitable time to connect with you and help you as you require either by email, SKYPE or on the phone. I suggest you prepare a list of questions you may have, and send them across when you purchase ‘A Chat’.

Even while I was writing this someone called and said “Heather I need to talk to you, but it’s not related to anything you normally do” — Yes I’m more than happy to listen and work through your issues when I can — sometimes two heads are better than one. I should mention at the end of the call she said “Heather you’ve saved me heaps of time and anguish”.


I’m frequently asked to mentor people. Let me say – I am humbled and flattered by this – thank-you for thinking of me. Through my writing, I Xero Car Background Removed (1)extensively share my methodologies, business strategies and work life balance practices. If however you’d like to take it further you are invited to purchase a block of time with me to have a chat with me about anything related to your bookkeeping, accounting advisory practice.

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Sam Leader - co-founder Flying Solo - the community for solo businesses

I would encourage people, if they are making a decision should I outsource that or should I do it myself; if they want to do it themselves, but they are kind of feeling like they may be struggling, it’s possible that you just need to upskill in that area. So you can look to see if there is someone who knows it better than you, and get some advice from them. So an example happened in our business, where I use the cloud accounting software Xero and I love it, but it’s been a big learning curve for me to understand how to use it and Heather Smith is someone in our community who has offered so much help and support with it, and I am always asking her questions. And she has always been very generous with her time. At one point she said you know what Sam I think what would be great if you and I spend an hour together and I will give you a tour of the advanced features and then you will be able to access this information yourself. That was a game changer for me. That hour made me feel so much more confident and so much more able to get the information I needed – that I thought I couldn’t know. So sometimes you just need a little bit of help.

Australian Kayaking Adventures

I’m available during business hours, and outside hours by prior arrangement, to discuss your business issues, from an email, a phone call, through to full day bookings. I sit in the background of your business, as an adviser, thinker, strategists, here to help you make decisions to holistically benefit your business.

It does not matter where in the world you are located, as I use SKYPE to connect with my clients. Please get in touch with me here if you would like me to assist you. Why not buy one of my books, so you can understand my methods, and see if I suit your needs? I also want to let you know I am not a tax accountant; I am a registered BAS Agent.

Introduction to Xero Training

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