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      - take advantage of Xero's automatic bank feeds and matching processes
    • Monitor your business and improve efficiency
      - use Xero's dashboards to refine business goals, track transactions and review management reports
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    I’m excited to let you know I’m writing guest posts on the TradeGecko blog. TradeGecko is a cloud based inventory management solution that works seamlessly with Xero. Based in Singapore, t

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    I’ve uploaded two hours of Xero Payroll training videos. They are easy to follow yet comprehensive and brimming with information. Topics covered in Setting up Xero Payroll: Australian Users vide

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    There are a number of Debtor Tracking solutions that connect beautifully with Xero. I’m gradually working my way around testing all of them. Satago came across my radar when Steven Renwick was letting

    Training Videos to help you educate and empower the Xero community

    I’m excited to let you know I’ve been working with the phenomenal Xero U team – to produce educational videos. Drawing on my inner Steven Spielberg I’ve been writing scripts, recording audio and captu

    Analysis of the Xero International Add-On Market Place

    Xero add-ons are kind of like apps for your iPhone. The add-ons plugs into Xero extending the functionality of the cloud based business solution. In this simple analysis, I counted the number of avail

    How to un-archive a system account in Xero

    Setting the scene: My accountant uses SAGE HandiSoft to process my businesses tax. We mapped all the account codes in the business Xero file to the SAGE Handisoft accounts he uses; I exported my data

    I’m a bookkeeper. I’m interested in learning Xero. Where can I start?

      I’m frequently approached by bookkeepers asking me where they should start learning Xero. My suggestion is to block out a short amount of time, every day in your calendar and work your way thro

    How to deal with minor underpayments in Xero

    To watch this video in high definition in YouTube click on the at gear icon in the transport bar and select 720 HD. If you find this video useful please like it, subscribe to my YouTube channel and sh

    Tips to optimise working with browsers while using Xero

    In this short video I’m going to cover some tips to optimise working with browsers while using Xero. To view this video on high definition on YouTube, click on the gear icon and select 720 P HD. If yo

    Free online video Introduction to Xero Accounting

    Hi! You’ve just clicked to watch a 37 minute introduction to Xero for new user’s video that I created. Now the reason why I created this, I’ve just put a little snippet on the front of this video, is

    How do I deal with partial payment in Xero

    What has happened in this scenario is $ 2,000 has perhaps been deposited into the bank account. But the actual invoice in is $ 10,000 – I have received a partial payment of $2000. So what I need

    Xero video Multiple payments receipted into bank account as a lump sum

    Using Xero online accounting software software How to deal with multiple payments received as a single amount in the bank account Jot down total payments and the breakdown of payments Locate the lump

    Dealing with a payment incorrectly deposited into bank account

    Hi!  In this session we’re going to cover how to deal with a payment incorrectly deposited into your business bank account.  So, what has happened in this scenario is money into the bank account and i

    Step by Step guide for outsourcing social media messaging to a VA

    … otherwise known as Step by Step guide for updating the CoSchedule plugin for WordPress … This article looks at using the CoSchedule WordPress plugin to schedule the promotion of blog pos

    Don’t make this rookie @Xero mistake I made!

    During a client training session I was logged into the client’s Xero file, and I got her to enter her bank credentials in to activate the bank feed. This all worked, and the bank feed activated –

    Save 120 admin hours with @Re_Leased commercial property management software

    Re-Leased is a cloud based commercial property management software that can integrate with Xero the online accounting solution. Commercial property management software is useful for businesses that ow

    How do I change the date of a Xero Sales invoice?

    How do I locate a Sales invoice in Xero? From the dashboard click on Accounts > Sales to access the Sales Dashboard From the Sales Dashboard, drill down on the relevant tab to find the sales invoic

    5 Xero add-on solutions to dramatically improve reporting capability

    I’ve re-printed here with permission an extract from a recently published Xero blog. Management reporting is one of my favourite areas, so I was interested it gain some insights into the differe

    How do I let my accountant access Xero data?

    To invite your accountant (or another user) to access your Xero data file, from the dashboard, click Settings > General Settings and then under Organisations select ‘Users’. Click the button labell

    Introduction to Xero Lesson plan

    I’ve prepared a draft Introduction to 5 page Xero lesson plan which maps to Xero for Dummies. You can use this for group Xero training. To access a copy in word format either go here: Here on my

    Tips for using Xero for Dummies during a Xero training course

    I wanted to run some short group Xero training sessions, so initially I turned to the resource I developed Xero for Dummies. Xero for Dummies is a comprehensive resource for any Xero training environm

    Importance Of Up-To-Date Software For Your Small Business

    Small businesses will often have fewer resources and employees. Suitable technology helps to level the playing field and gives small businesses an opportunity to compete with more established brands a

    What add-on inventory solution will work with Xero and my small business?

    So you’re a small business and you want an inventory solution, or you’re a consultant or cloud integrator and you need to find a suitable inventory solution for your client. If you’r

    Xero for Personal Finances

    A client asked me if she could use Xero for her personal finances. Yes! Xero had a cheaper ‘personal’ product but it’s being withdrawn from the market and Xero are encouraging users to move to Xero ca