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XERO Training | Xero Set-Up | Xero Migration | Xero Support
Xero Consulting
Rod Drury CEO & Founder of Xero & me
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Xero Training

Xero Training Solutions

I’m highly skilled at explaining how to use Xero and understand your numbers. I teach the core fundamentals and from there I may provide extra support in understanding specific areas. As an early adopter, and certified experienced trainer I’ve been empowering people in how to use and optimise Xero in their business for many years (I even wrote the book!). Working together I can get you up and running on Xero quickly.

Xero Set-Up Packages

Are you thinking of moving to Xero but not sure where to start? I can help you set up Xero from scratch! I’ve recently reimagined the core offerings of this package to give you more of what you need to get you up and running fast – so Xero’s set up correctly from the start – and you feel confident using it. There’s more training, there’s more one on one support time plus there’s three months of unlimited email support included. So once we’ve set you up and you’re getting comfortable using Xero – you still have open channels to ask further questions – and you know it’s all paid for upfront.

Xero Migration

Are you thinking of moving from MYOB to Xero? I can help you plan the migration and support you preparing your MYOB file for conversion to Xero.  I can guide your move from your existing accounting solution to Xero and assist with setting up bank feeds, plus training and ongoing support.

Ongoing Xero Support Packages

Are you comfortable doing your own business accounts – but just have a few questions now and then? Maybe you know what you want to achieve – but are unsure how to do it in Xero? Perhaps you want an extra opinion, or regular ongoing support in understanding the trickier aspects of your business. Or you want to offer your accounting and bookkeeping staff some extra support in understanding how to use Xero but are not ready to engage a finance officer yet?

Data Detox

Are your figures not making sense to you? Do you think something is wrong, but just can’t work out what it is? Is a number hairball starting to overwhelm you and you’re not sure what to do about it? I’m not as freakin awesome as Ben Affleck playing BATMAN playing THE ACCOUNTANT in the best film ever – however I’m intuitive, insightful and I can look at your Xero file and quickly identify any issues and give you clear guidance on how to cleanse your data, or I can do it for you, and give you instructions on how to prevent it happening in the future.

You need accurate timely information in your business, on which to make your decisions, and I can help you fix up errors and implement workflows to ensure your business is producing reliable data.

Cloud Suitability Scoping Services

It’s quite a tongue twister isn’t it! Essentially if you’re contemplating adopting automation, productivity and cloud efficiencies in your business then I’m one of the first people you should talk to. I have a deep understanding of many cloud solutions.  I’ve worked with teams on many  implementations, from micro to small businesses through to small government departments, not for profits and those who are very profitable, in Brisbane and beyond for over a decade. I’m well placed to research requirements; I’m connected with a global network of experts and preferred partners. This has provided me with insights into what works and what doesn’t work. I’m like a knowledgeable triage service, I’m a great listener, and I’m well placed to have your initial discussions with.  It may be that we simply need to rejig the current workflow in the business, or we may decide on a full bells and whistles implementation.

Let’s start the discussion!

Management Report Development

Are you feeling guilty because you never look at your financial reports? Are your financial reports not giving you the information you need? I can work with you to develop meaningful and useful business reports giving you visibility of the numerical data within the business. I can assist in refining the chart of accounts, establishing useful tracking options, customising reports within Xero, or integrating with a powerful business intelligence tool Spotlight Reporting. This will surface internal data that you can use to drive your business.

Business Advisory and Mentoring

Through over a decade of consulting, learning, researching and networking I’ve gained vast insights, experiences and deep industry knowledge. In turn I’ve extensively share my methodologies, business strategies and work life balance practices through various forms of content creation. If you’ve enjoyed my commentary and like to take it a step further you’re invited to engage me as a business advisor or mentor. This gives you the opportunity to regularly access insights and brainstorm ideas with a cloud accounting expert. One on one mentoring sessions offer you an independent external source of support, encouragement, accountability and business advice.

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Who do I work with?

I work with Xero users, bookkeepers, advisors, franchisers, business coaches, accountants and business owners across many industries. I’ve worked with many businesses, from micro to small businesses through to small government departments, not for profits and those who are very profitable, in Brisbane and beyond. I support their businesses implement Xero cloud based business management solution; and integrating with other cloud solutions where possible.  This has provided me with insights into what works and what doesn’t work in a business.

Hey you’re an accountant – why aren’t you doing my taxes?

Yes I’m an accountant. I’m a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Certified Accountant, and a Certified Practising Accountant. If accountants had a badge wearing parade I’d fall over! I also hold a Commerce degree and am a Registered BAS Agents and a Fellow of the ICB. I hate taxes. I hated sitting the tax exams. Accounting is much more than compliance – I want to help you produce accurate and timely information that you can use to support business decisions. I know enough to keep you compliant and refer you to your tax accountant for tax specific support.

Hey you know numbers – how about you be my bookkeeper?

I’m too expensive to do your books, but I’ll educate and support you or your bookkeeper to do your own books

Sam Leader - co-founder Flying Solo - the community for solo businesses

I would encourage people, if they are making a decision should I outsource that or should I do it myself; if they want to do it themselves, but they are kind of feeling like they may be struggling, it’s possible that you just need to upskill in that area. So you can look to see if there is someone who knows it better than you, and get some advice from them. So an example happened in our business, where I use the cloud accounting software Xero and I love it, but it’s been a big learning curve for me to understand how to use it and Heather Smith is someone in our community who has offered so much help and support with it, and I am always asking her questions. And she has always been very generous with her time. At one point she said you know what Sam I think what would be great if you and I spend an hour together and I will give you a tour of the advanced features and then you will be able to access this information yourself. That was a game changer for me. That hour made me feel so much more confident and so much more able to get the information I needed – that I thought I couldn’t know. So sometimes you just need a little bit of help.

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