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If you want to learn about integrated automated cloud business platforms and the efficiencies you can adopt in your business there are a number of options. You can book a session with me, and we can discuss your current business process requirements,  and I can assist you scope out your requirements, identify suitable automated and integrated solutions and map out an implementation plan.


I facilitate a meetup group that explores the features, benefits, integration and inner workings of various cloud solutions from the Xero App MarketPlace. From horizontal or generic solutions that suit all businesses, to vertical or industry specific solution that are suited to a niche industry. Join accountants, bookkeepers, developers, and business owners on the first Thursday of every month at Brisbane RiverCityLabs.

Online discussion group

I facilitate an advanced online discussion groups for experienced Cloud Advisors and Partner solutions. Cloud business problems are shared and discussed with a global group of experts. Partner solutions share educational events, feature updates and connect with potential beta testers.


The vision for the Cloud Stories podcast is to share stories of people and businesses operating in our Xero cloud community. • Xero Developers • Cloud Integrators • End-Users • Xero Solution providers • Xero Business consultants. You can listen to the podcast here: and you can visit the website here

A sample of Cloud Stories guests includes:
• Richard Francis (NZ) – CEO & founder of Spotlight Reporting
• Lisa Martin (NZ) – CEO & founder GoFi8ure – Training specialist
• Bernadette Schwerdt (US) – author Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs
• Geni Whitehouse (US) – Even a Nerd Can Be Herd – accounting communication specialist
• Blake Oliver (US) – apps for accountants and bookkeepers
• Guy Pearson (AU) – CEO & founder of Practice Ignition
• Jamie Davison (AU) – Carbon Bookkeeping – Xero Platinum Partners
• Colin Hewitt (UK) – CEO & founder of Float
• Cameron Priest (SP) – CEO & founder of Trade Gecko

Together we share a 360 degree insight into this evolving Xero centric business phenomenon; Listeners pick up tips tools tactics from stories shared; we gain a deeper understanding of how people are using cloud solutions, and in turn can effectively and efficiently use this new found knowledge in our own business.
Cloud Stories – has been described as the coolest accounting podcast ever! Businesses use it as training material for staff, it counts as CPD and it has been written about here:

7 excellent podcasts for accountants
Top 10 Accounting podcasts for 2016
5 Short Business Podcasts for People on the Go

Speaking & Presentations

presentation-topicsIf you’ve enjoyed reading one of my international best-selling business books about moving your business to the clouds, then consider booking me to speak at your next business function, and let the stories come to life. I curate and deliver key information to you in digestible format. I take great pride in providing professional training sessions that cater to all levels and abilities. My talks are brimming with useful information, stories and practical tips. Through consulting, training and interviewing I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of business owners assisting them in implementing systems profitable productive systems. From this vantage I’ve gained insights into the inner workings of small businesses. I’m also a Xero accounting advisor member of the National Speakers Association’s, the local Toastmasters group and an experienced presenter.

Sample presentation styles

    • Conference/Boardroom/ Retreats/ Professional Development session
      Typically a 20 minute – 2 hours presentation plus Q&A from the floor
    • Panel – participation
      Typically a 5-30 minute speech on given topic, and interaction with other panelists and attendees
    • Can be adapted to webinar format

Clients include:

NAB National Small Business Summit, National Speakers Association, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants AU & NZ, Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators QLD Workshop, Deloitte’s, Practice Success Summit, Young Entrepreneurs Australia, Networx , Sociability Conference, Business Educators Association Queensland State Conference, Flying Solo Live, Active Management, Dickensons Accountants, Pitcher Partners, iCalm

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Presentation topics

I curate and deliver key information to you in digestible format. Insights gained from my client work, are woven into my writing and presentations, so they are brimming with lots of realistic, practic

Lessons learnt from Xerocon 2016

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  • Heather is one of Australia’s leading experts in helping small business with their accounting, so we asked her to do a webinar for us. She was exceptional in her knowledge and conveyed in such a digestible manner. I highly recommend Heather as a webinar presenter and accounting guru.
    Justin Tamsett Key Note Speaker | Small Business Coach
  • Heather helped to make the topic interesting. Gave us reason to remember why accounting teaching is important
    Michelle Fig, ACU
  • Thank you for the training which we all found very good. You certainly gave us a few “aha!” moments and the staff have told me they found it extremely good.
    Michelle Lark CA, Accountant, ACSEA
  • Having recently attended a panel discussion focusing on social networking in which Heather shared her knowledge and views on the subject, I have no hesitation in recommending her as a professional speaker. Heather not only proved to be engaging and relatable but also an expert on the topic. I took away several key pieces of advice from her that I aim to execute professionally on a daily basis.
    Sarah Quinn Corporate Affairs at Perth Airport
  • I engaged Heather to speak at the Practice Success Summit in Sydney and Brisbane. Heather was a great speaker on small business cashflow. Her presentation was relevant and interesting to attendees and provided lots of easy to implement strategies that can be put into small business immediately.
    Tara Diversi Assistant Professor – Nutrition & Dietetics at Bond University
  • I was lucky enough to hear Heather speak as a guest presenter recently at a conference in Sydney. Despite personally considering accounting to almost sedative like on the interesting scale, Heather was not only able to hold my attention but presented some fantastic tips, achievable goals and innovative solutions whilst being highly amusing, relevant and savvy. Very worthwhile part of the conference and Heather would be an asset to any public speaking event.
    Mel Haynes Nutrition Consultant
  • I have had the opportunity a number of times of being present where Heather is a facilitator. What I can truly recommend as a stand out feature is Heather’s desire to impart information that is relevant to the people involved. Each time, Heather’s efforts to bring even more to the meeting or event has stood out. Whether that means sourcing outside professionals or bringing live demonstrations, her aim seems to be not only to include everyone, but to make it worth their time. I would recommend Heather as both an informative and easy to understand Speaker as well as a pleasant and welcoming Emcee.
    Cindy Kemp Owner/Manager – Talo Financial Solutions
  • Heather, The feedback from the client (regarding the FINANCE FOR NON FINANCIAL MANAGERS Course) was very positive and they were very happy with your delivery.
    Glynis Alley, Schedule Coordinator, IT Training Solutions
  • Great work on the webinar today by the way! You did a good job of getting a lot of information across, in an interesting way.
    Glen Christie, Beetlebox
  • Heather is a wonderful speaker! Her expertise in Social Media is evident, and I would highly recommend her when considering business consulting. Heather is an expert in her field with extensive experience in a number of fields, making her one of the most valuable speakers you could listen to. I highly recommend taking any chance to hear Heather speak.
    Rhys Furner
  • I went to see Heather present on the topic of ‘Doing Business in the Age of Social Media’ as part of a Networx Marketers Meetings event. Heather was a terrific presenter; engaging, entertaining, honest, funny and relevant. Her advice on using Twitter and Linkedin for business networking was very useful – and I have actually actioned her advice rather than just nodding along and agreeing that “I’ll do that one day…
    Anna Streater, Director, Marketing, Media & Public Relations, Grand Brands
  • Saw Heather present on the topic of ‘Doing Business in the Age of Social Media’ at Networx Meetings Event. I found Heather was a good presenter and very entertaining as well as honest and relevant to the topic on Twitter and Linkedin for business. I would recommend Heather to anyone wanting a brilliant presenter.
    Greg Wilson, No1 Twitter followers in Australia GWP Studios
  • You were fantastic and made very good points.
    Lisa Ma, Event organiser
  • Heather inspired me to review our entire accounting system! And gave me some great ideas on how to run our business better! She is entertaining and educational and would be a great addition to a line up of speakers! !
    Amanda Gore, Award winning international speaker & best-selling author
  • I attended Heather’s presentation at the AUSIT Conference in Brisbane on May 28th, 2011. She was an invited speaker, and spoke to an audience of self-employed freelancers with loads of linguistic skills, but not much business acumen. Her 2 hrs presentation was hands on, informative and entertaining. It also involved the audience in group discussions and idea-generating activities. Heather interacted with the organisers, most of whom were also speakers, to reinforce her message. We had fabulous feedback after she had finished. I strongly recommend Heather as a speaker at professional organisation events.
    Sam Berner, Managing Partner at Arabic Communications Experts
  • I have had the pleasure of hearing Heather present twice; first at the FILEX conference in 2010 & again in a webinar in 2011. She has a unique ability to convey her message (regardless of how intricate it is) clearly & in a highly entertaining manner. Both presentations were warm, engaging, full of relevant & practical information that I was able to apply immediately & highly motivating. She inspired & empowered me so much that after both presentations, I went straight home & immediately implemented some ideas she had given me. I am very much looking forward to the next opportunity that I can hear Heather present again & strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great speaker.
    Jen Brown, Endurance Performance Coach, Personal Trainer & Movement Specialist | Writer
  • Heather is a talented and confident speaker who lights up the room with her warm personality. Not only is Heather extremely knowledgeable on a variety of subject matters, but her passion for these topics absolutely shines through – keeping the audience captivated. More than anything, Heather is so giving of her time and wisdom. I have read many of Heather’s online articles, and I’m delighted that she’s now sharing her wisdom on stage as well. Heather, I hope to see you speak again in the future.
    Lucinda Lions, Lion Writing
  • Heather asked me to conduct a webinar for ACCA members. She provided wonderful support before, during and after the event, which was greatly appreciated given it was my first ever webinar. These contributions were one of the reasons for the success of the event. Thank you, Heather!
    Jon Manning, MD of PricingProphets
  • Thanks Heather for being our Featured Guest at our Singapore Business Council of Australia Inc’s “Singapore Night” event (July 2012) and for giving us a fantastic speech about the process of writing her first book “Learn MYOB in 7 days”! Although writing a book is definitely not an easy process, Heather had certainly given us valuable tips on how to make the process easier!
    Irene Ho, Singapore Business Council of Australia
  • Very knowledgeable
    K.Marcus Bundaberg SHS