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XERO Training | Xero Set-Up | Xero Migration | Xero Support

What are the features and benefits of Xero?

Xero is easy to use online accounting software which enables the business team to access data and collaborate simultaneously in real time. Xero has the ability to integrate and communicate with other business management solutions, streamlining workflow, enhancing productivity, automates mundane repetitive tasks and reducing boring data entry, but more importantly means the business is working with the same data across all systems. With an Xero in place you can focus your energies on earning money, rather than drowning under a tower of paperwork.

Xero utilises activated bank feeds, with businesses bank, credit card and payment gateway accounts such as PayPal which pushes real business transactions into your account system, reducing the need for data entry.

Reconciled Xero accounts enable the business managers to access useful dashboards in real time wherever they are in the world. It also allows you the business owner to share your financial information your accountant, bookkeeper, financial advisor, bank and any other parties that may require access – if you permit them.

Other features of Xero accounting software are you never need to waste time upgrading the software; it’s done automatically for you. Your data is also back up securely online, but it’s worth making your own back-ups as well. The online accounting solution Xero offers the same sort of security as Internet banking. The data is backed up online offsite and is probably more secure and reliable than many businesses current backup solution.

OMG Heather! It worked!!! You really saved me!!!!! Amazing!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!

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Heather Smith Xero Consultant

Heather Smith Xero Consultant

Based in Brisbane, Australia, I provide online remote Xero training and support from Panama to Paris — if you need me I’m here for you.

  • I can access your Xero online accounting solution and look at what is concerning you;
  • I can create a secure remote connection and send across an email with a link in it. At your end, you click on the link and follow the instructions. This is my favourite option;
  • I can connect with you via SKYPE and you can share your screen with me, or;

Support via secure remote connection is super easy — even people who really struggle with computers have been successfully able to activate the secure remote connection on their computer. Once the connection is activated we both can control the mouse, and I can see exactly what you’re seeing on your computer screen, and you are in the comfort of your own office environment. I either use the chat box or SKYPE and I work through your issues. It means you can contact me whenever you need training, assistance or have a roadblock. It also means I can help you for 5 or 50 minutes — whatever suits you! You’re in complete control.

Remote support options have immensely boosted my ability Online Xero training with Heather Smithto work with clients, and it’s exciting for me as I work with clients . Many clients who’ve used this service have told me they really like the ability to access small slots of empowerment. I bill by the minute – so it’s cheap too!

But remember I can’t give you advice regarding your own compliance or tax laws.



I work in the background of hundreds of businesses supporting their accounting and strategic operations. I can help you with your Xero solution; providing Set-Up, Migration, Training, Support, and Franchise solutions. I work with Xero users, bookkeepers, advisors, franchisers, business coaches, accountants and business owners across many industries supporting their businesses implement Xero cloud based business management solution; and integrating with the Xero ecosystem where possible.

I’m insightful, fast and highly skilled at explaining how to use Xero. Working together I can get you up and running on Xero quickly. I’m a Chartered Certified accountant and I wrote Xero for Dummies.

Ongoing Xero Support Packages

Are you comfortable doing your own business accounts – but just have a few questions now and then? Maybe you know what you want to achieve – but are unsure how to do it in Xero? Perhaps you want an extra opinion, or regular ongoing support in understanding the trickier aspects of your business. Or you want to offer your accounting and bookkeeping staff some extra support in understanding how to use Xero but are not ready to engage a finance officer yet?

The Ongoing Xero Support package includes:

  • Unlimited email support (24 hour turnaround)
  • Regular informative newsletter
  • Membership to a closed Facebook group, with your peers and I. There you can start discussions and raise queries that a collective group may help you resolve. Because the group is private, only group members will be able to see your posts and comments.

I have a deep technical knowledge of how to use Xero, and my superhero talent is the art of explanation.  I can work with you to understand issues and assist in identifying solutions. I can prepare easy to follow simple support responses.  I’m an expert accounting technical writer and utilise the same screen capture technology I use when writing Xero for Dummies, I can respond with clear images and clear explanation of how to do something, so you can DIY your business accounts area stress free.

Example of support notes

A typical example of an image with notes.

Unlimited email support for Xero $79 per month – 3 months signup minimum.


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